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Level 1 Lesson 5 Reading Assignment:

Personal Assessment:

1. How would you describe your knowledge of religion and philosophy?
My knowledge of religion and philosophy is limited but I am ready to advance that knowledge.

2. What do you see as your greatest obstacle to your happiness and fulfilment in life?
My greatest obstacle to happiness and fulfilment is my ignorance of the divine within.

3. What do you see as the most important need you have?
What I see as my most important need spiritual development and maintaining a Maatian life.

4. What is your previous religious affiliation or faith and how do you think that relates to what you are following now?
As a child I was raised as a Christian and since the age of 17 I embraced the Rastafari tradition until now. The only relation I can see is the connection to Africa.

5. What role do you feel religion or spirituality play in your life?
Spirituality plays a much greater role in my life now than it did years ago. I have learned that spirit and matter must be in harmony in order for me to develop my true self.

6. Have you had any previous Yoga instruction? If so where and what is your experience?
Yes. I was trained and certified in the Tjef Neteru Sema Paut system by Neter Asar Aunkh Aakhu in 2008. I practice Yoga on a daily basis not just the physical movements.

7. Have you received any advanced religious instruction?

8. How do you see your life?
I see my life as a work in progress. Each day that KhepRa creates gives me the opportunity to improve my condition as I make subtle changes that move me closer to Neter.

9. What do you think of your own potential to succeed in life?
I have the potential just like anyone else to be successful and to achieve.

10. If you could, what would you like to do with your life?
I would spend my life doing the things that bring me closer Neter and share it with those who are seeking Neter.