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Level 1 Lesson 2 Video

Important Themes:
Three levels of aspirations, aspirant, striving & established
Pylons represent duality of life that is to be united. This is why we pass between the Pylons
Three levels of Mind, Unconscious, Subconscious & conscious
Three levels of consciousness, waking, dream and sleep
Three aspects of an authentic religion, Myth, Ritual & Mysticism
No Devil in Shetaut Neter
There is no darkness like the darkness of ignorance
All matter is made of the same stuff of Nun
African Religion(s) not polytheistic
Four Great Truths
Wisdom without devotion is blind intellectualism

What impressed me in the video?

I was most impressed by the Four Great Truths. 1. One Supreme Divinity/Neberdjer 2. Unrighteousness brings ignorance of the Divine 3. Devotion to the Divine leads to freedom of ignorance of the Divine 4. Doing Shedy leads to the Divine and knowing the true self