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Very good- for more information on the issue of initiation levels of aspirants go to these two links for review.

These are from previous posts that offer more insights into this teaching and will serve you as you move forward through the program.

Indeed it is important to maintain respect and detachment from other aspirants even while observing and interacting. In observing other aspirants an aspirant should look on them for introspection purposes. Am I suffering from their shortcomings and if so how can I work on those? Do they have some virtuous quality that I do not have and how can I work on myself to achieve that virtue?

An aspirant should refrain from jealousies, envy, etc. as all aspirants are different and have different aryu challenges to work through. However, there are some commonalities on the spiritual path that all must face and overcome at different times. Therefore, the world serves as a classroom whereby the teaching of the sages can be practiced and witnessed and learned from in order to improve and work towards spiritual perfection i.e. discover of the higher self and firm seating in that experience and self-awareness.