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Bastu Akhu

Level 1 – Lesson 3 Video Assignment – Intro to SN short part 3b.mp4 (41:15)
List the important themes presented
1. Recognition of Egyptian Yoga by Eastern/Indians – Despite the evidence of Egyptian Yoga found and documented by Indian Scholars, Western Scholars, Sages, only a few have given recognition to it, most will reject it.
2. Divinity Set – Didn’t have a temple –
a) In the beginning of the culture Set was seen as a good Divinity that represent the lower forces (sexuality, greed, power, etc.)
b) Lower forces are not negative forces- desire is natural, improper use of them in an unnatural way lead to unrighteousness, ignorance and delusion.
c) Set took on a negative connotation when he was adopted by foreign invaders, Hyksos (invading land is an exaggerated desire) as their God.
3. Temples and teachings – Different temples relate different aspect of the teachings through stories – relaying different pieces of the puzzle

3. Amun Ra Ptah (The Great Trinity) –
a) Amun – Witnessing Consciousness
b) Ra – Interaction between witness and time and space ( totality of mind)
c) Ptah – physical reality– time and space
d) States of Mind – Consciousness Subconscious and Unconscious Mind
4. Wakeful Consciousness – In all states of being there is a positive and negative experience
a) Key is to be awake in all states of being – this is positive
b) Not able to consciously be aware (awake) in dream world, waking reality etc. – negative
c) Going into a dream (astral realm) and knowing it is a dream and illusory while in it (positive)
d) In the waking state being aware of this reality as illusory and not be affected because it’s not abiding (positive)
5. Techniques to awaken consciousness–
a) Basic for general population
b) Advance technique is given to advanced practitioners to manipulate certain energy centers etc. to force/push consciousness to awaken
c) Practitioner has to be prepared and willing to do what’s required ( take time to purify the personality) , attain a certain level of study – a serious and dedicated aspirant
6. Delusion – Some people belonging to other religion and traditions go to Neterian meetings, lectures etc. of which they get insights but still hold on to their beliefs, they are not dedicated or committed to evolving further through the teachings, they still hold firm to their beliefs and traditions for different reasons
a) Practice and experience of the teaching gives it legitimacy
b) The resurrection/Nehast is the key/ goal of teachings- this is not found in other systems
7. Truth Seeker –
a) not only seek to know or hear of truth, they act upon it, adhere to it
b) Key to Maat Philosophy – Morals are judged by deeds not by words
c) Truth is free and available to those who are mature and ready to find it
8. Mysticism – growing into the awakening of the all-encompassing divinity – not all religious practices lead to this

Explain what impressed you most in this presentation
I was impressed with the explanation of the Great Trinity, Amun Ra Ptah and the different states of mind (conscious, subconscious and unconscious). I gathered that Ra is the totality of mind and is the tool that’s used to interact between the physical reality (Ptah) and Amun (Witnessing Consciousness). This explanation made me think of the different states of mind (dull, agitated and lucid) and how each state would affect the interaction process. The explanation of dissolving one ‘leg’ of the trinity through meditation to have direct experience was profound as I cognized (Djehuti) that to be a master of each plane (physical, astral and casual) one has to go beyond it, go beyond time and space, go beyond mind and go beyond Self to be one with Neberdjer which is direct experience. Aligning with the right concept of Self as Divine and letting go of identifying with limited identity of ego personality of who we are will cause ‘legs’ of trinity to dissolve leading to direct experience. I also gathered that direct experience cannot be cognized/explained because it’s beyond mind, senses etc., it transcends these states.