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“Of all marvels, that which most wins our wonder is that man has been able to find out the nature of the Gods and bring it into play. Since then, our earliest progenitors were in great error-seeing they had no rational faith about the Gods, and that they paid no heed unto their cult and holy worship-they chanced upon an art whereby they made Gods. To this invention they conjoined a power that suited it derived from cosmic nature; and blending these together, since souls they could not make, they evoked daimon’s souls or those of angels; and attached them to their sacred images and holy mysteries, so that the statues should, by means of these, possess the powers of doing good and the reverse.”

-Ancient Egyptian Proverbial Wisdom


this was a very packed lesson with many items which cannot be overemphasized. Therefore, keep these reflections gained in your listing also foremost in mind as you move forward to the next lessons as these items will resurface again. Well done.

Indeed, the Asarian Resurrection myth is replete with glorious and advancing teachings couched in mythic wisdom and symbolism. What is discerned from it is the origin, source of existence, the nature of reality, the heavens and beyond as well as the realization of our own existence which they, the Neteru (gods and goddesses) are a reflection and one’s creation.