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Lesson 1, Level 1 Video Assignment Intro to SN short part 1b.mp4

List the important themes presented

• Greater understanding of what Neterian spirituality is
• Ancient religion of Africa
• The Organisation and what it entails
• The Importance of a Righteous Student
• The Meaning of Shetaut Neter
• Shemsu
• Cosmic Forces
• How do we understand images of the Divine
• Who was the founder of Neterianism
• The purpose of life
• The Three Stages of Religion
• The Great Awakening
• Shedy Discipline
• Importance of the Kemtic diet
• Egyptian Yoga
• Worship program to be practiced 3x daily
• Heru & Aset

Explain what most impressed you the most in this presentation

I was impressed the most by the part on Heru and Aset. The concept of the two opposite of creation, higher and lower, which brings out balance in the Neterian culture. To finish off, the Three Stages of Religion and the example of using Aset, this helped to gain a clearer over standing of the stages.