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Lesson 1, Level 1 Audio Assignment GS12- An Evening wSebai Maa and Dja Why in Shetaut Neter Important-Show_3576833

What are the main teachings brought out in the audio lecture recording? Explain in your own words

The main teachings are of Shetaut Neter. The teachings lead to fulfilment and an authentic spiritual path. Furthermore this leads to finding the source of abiding happiness throughout the chaos and maintaining peace and balance. As a result knowing what it is you want to achieve from the teachings is essential.

Throughout the discussion it mentioned that. There will be some backward and forwards experiences, which links to parts of our self that has not been integrated. Personally I feel like I am experience this journey right now.
It is worth pointing out that the teachings of Shetaut Neter is also Holistic and designed to work with your whole being. However the program also integrates a practice by purifying the personality. Through experience it is beneficial to purify the personality, which leads to higher fulfillment.

In order to include the teachings as a righteous student, meditation, reflection, devotion, purification and diet will have to remain a consistent practice in my life to head towards being enlightened.

Are you currently implementing the teachings given in the book and lecture? If so which one(s)?

At present I am listening to the worship videos once daily. If I am honest I am trying to complement the teachings into my life. I find it difficult to remain consistent sometimes. However I am trying to incorporate seeing the divine in everyone and to not hold on to hard feelings. I really took on board from the audio that “negative egoism is like a disease constantly around us”. Also “the world is not the problem the problem is you. If you focus on everyone that will cause more of the problem” This is a very true statement and hits home in my being.

If not then how will you implement the teachings you are not currently practicing, in your life and spiritual practice?

It would be true to say, this will require a lot of focus will and discipline in my spiritual development. Furthermore applying righteous actions, being responsible, practice, study and communication.

I am determined to implement the teachings of Shetaut Neter in my spiritual practice. To enhance, ALL growth and development towards enlightenment and abiding peace and happiness.