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Lesson 1, Level 1 Reading Book Assignment Pages 10-20

What is the relationship between the Egyptians and the Ethiopians?

They both hold the same meaning, but are placed in different geographical locations

What is the Initiatic Way of Education?

To begin, the Initiatic Way of Education is a system which educates the aspirant about the teachings of yoga and mystical religion. These teachings involve listening, studying and meditation on a consistent basis. Including the right environment, compassionate and authentic guidance are extremely important too.

How does the Kemetic Yoga counsellor help the seeker?

A Kemetic Yoga counsellor helps the seeker to work through feelings that may arise. Such as anger frustrations and pain.

They will work together to channel and restructure ways to rise above the energies that maybe affecting the seeker.

How should a beginning aspirant think about the different levels of aspirants?

In the Shetaut Neter System there were 3 levels of aspirants
1 Aspiration – This level is for aspirants who have not experienced inner vision. However the important factor of this level is, the aspirant will start to become conscious of the awakening of spiritual self and divine presence.
2 Striving – This level is for aspirant with inner vision and received a glimpse of cosmic consciousness. This level is the purification of mind and body through spiritual discipline.
3 Established – This level is for the aspirants who have become identified or united with god. The important factor about this level is experience and appreciation of the divine presence through reflection and mediation.

To conclude, through reflection and experience it is important as an aspirant to be mindful to other aspirants and honour the levels that they are developing at.