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“The delusion is believing that there are disunions. All things are one.”
-Ancient Egyptian Proverb

Dua for your kind words of praise for the work and the teaching and your respect for your mentor. I would also add that those who have made strides to take this course and engage in the teaching at this intensive a level are even more advanced than those who attended the lecture but were not able to progress from that level and to a level of practice such as is being offered through this medium. So all students in the Kemet University are to be commended highly on this point.

Your statement: “I view the creed as a “whole’” denotes a crucial step in progressing on the spiritual path of the mysteries and particularly, mystical philosophy and mystic realization. So this is a very good reflection. First it is necessary to understand the teaching and accept it. With a cleansed personality that teaching can be transformed from an intellectual notion to an experienced fact and this is the goal as well as purpose of the shedy disciplines; as these foundational teachings become firmly seated in the heart you will in degrees discover what this wisdom really means.