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“Mastery of self consists not in abnormal dreams, visions and fantastic imaginings or living, but in using the higher FORCES against the lower thus escaping the pains of the lower by vibrating on the higher.”

-Ancient Egyptian Proverbs


“I know but haven’t remembered.”

I think this statement typifies the issue and predicament of humanity and the avid spiritual aspirant is one who sets out to uncover the mystery of what has been forgotten; and indeed it has been forgotten but not lost. Like the keys one looks for that are right in one’s pocket that intuitional wisdom remains, though subsumed below an ocean of egoistic dreams; for as the harper sings, our existence on earth is but a dream. Yet, the dreamer is real even if the dream is an illusion. However ignorant human beings are living a dream within a dream and when they wake up from one dream they enter the other and then repeat the same cycle again and again. For, one who learns the philosophy and its application can open the doors of the temple but only after being cleansed of the vestiges of the dream. All preparation of studies leads to this but it is only effective when there is a purity of heart born of practice of shedy. So let that hunger be fed with the ever satisfying food of the gods and goddesses and we are told that they live and breathe by truth and in so doing we too become godlike. Allow your hunger to grow into shemsu udja (burning aspiration, being an ardent follower) towards the teaching and your hunger will be satiated in a way that no physical food can satisfy the body. This is the food given by the Hetep offering and the reward of its consumption.