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The evidence of the Horemakhet cannot be overstated as it is integral to our understanding of the importance of the historical context and the prominence of the Neterian teaching in our lives today. This impressive perspective allows us to understand the importance of the Neterian teaching not only in the lives of the Kemetic ancestors but in the lives of all who witnessed it from other countries in ancient times. Mostly we are to consider its builders and their message of harmonizing the above and below; and to that point the deeper and deeper layers of the teaching and it’s understanding help to reveal.
Keeping good association is a key component in the effort to understand the teaching and you have discerned that in listening to the teaching,, even when it seems simplified, there are nuances of depth that are revealed especially the more that the aspirant is purified from the physical, psychological and spiritual obstacles; and the study and practice of the Shedy (disciplines of Shetaut Neter and Sema Tawi) aim to promote this process.