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Level 1 Lesson 6 Video
• Rekh means to know – Once something is known it is no longer a mystery
• The Heka offered 4 times
• 4 symbolizes Creation NSEW
• 1000 beef Symbolizes Maleness
• 1000 geese Symbolizes Femaleness
• Offering table contains 3 items
• Libation Water was poured on the hetep slab?
• Ancient Kemetic Temple has 3 Separate Sections:
Outer Court (mortals) – Receive the initial teaching (devotional, changing prayers)
• Inner Court (Initiates) – (High Philosophy)
• Holy of Holies – Individuals that have received the light.
Explain what impressed you most in this presentation

I’m going to keep this one simple and straightforward.
I have a hunger for high philosophy even though I not sure of what to expect. I know but haven’t remembered.