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Important themese.

1. How ancient Shetaut Neter is.
Why I find this important?
It demonstrates how far back into antiquity this spiritual system goes and how advanced the society was. Because if the waters that eroded the Horemakhet last fell about 10,000 B.C. – 7,000 B.C. and it had to take thousands of years for the water to make those groves in the stone. This means the Horemakhet may have been there for hundreds if not thousands of years before when the land was lush and green like Ausar. It also demonstrates that we were not primitive people but well advanced to build this monument.

2. The importance of the relation between teacher and aspirant/student.
The Teacher Student relationship has to clear and respected by both. The student (I) must be willing to submit to the teachings of the divine as the teacher imparts the wisdom.
The teacher must be willing to share freely with those students who are truly devoted to the teachings and not hold back if the student has demonstrated mastery of the level of teachings that he/her is on.

3.The importance of diet and company.
Keeping good company is essential in my spiritual growth and development. Like minded people will help to give support when needed and teacher isn’t available so one doesn’t stray from teachings.
Eating the proper material for the Soul, Mind and Body are vital to keep us in clean, pure and in harmony with the Neberdjer. Also when and how to eat.

What impressed me in video(s)?

I was impressed by the Sebai Maa’s and Seba Dja’s presentations because as always they are always to the point and everything is brought back to the divine self. All the teachings have deeper and deeper layers of wisdom and they work through the layers in way that is easy to follow.