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What are the main teachings?

The main teachings I received were, transformation and integration.
The teachings are like a set of tools and Shetaut Neter is a tool bag. These tools, principles are to be lived and applied in order for a holistic transformation to take place. As we integrate these various tools and cultivate these principles one at a time. The Neteru are expressed through our daily living as we submit to the divine.

Are you/Am I currently implementing teaching?

At present I am doing my best to implement the teachings. I read, reflect and meditate. And since I was trained and certified in the Tjef Neteru Sema Paut system by Asar Neter Aunk Aakhu in 2008. I have been using and still use the movements and meditations to cultivate the divine and liberate myself from the fetters of the world. This is a ongoing never ending process.