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It is not possible to linger in Egypt ‑

no one can escape from going west (end of life- Netherworld).

One’s acts on earth are like a dream.

-From , “The Songs of the Harper”

There is perhaps no more important element of personality character that an aspirant should seek to cultivate than “humility” for humility facilitates self-awareness, intellectual capacity and spiritual sensitivity. Self-awareness is being aware of ones actions and thoughts and feelings instead of being an automaton that acts based on animal instinct and later regrets things done. Intellectual capacity is the ability to think and reflect freely without having a mind tainted by feelings and emotions that skew the thought process about what is right or wrong in favor of the ego’s desires, regardless of truth. Spiritual sensitivity is the capacity to be sensitive to that which is beyond the strictly physical ream; the recognition that there is more even when it is not fully understood or yet experienced fully.

However, humility is not the same as humiliations. This is taught by Maat philosophy, for you take insults while recognizing the insulter as immature, insensitive and caught by ego’s grip, but not take physical, psychological or psychic blows that might do real damage. Humility is also recognizing one has the magnanimity of forbearance and the wisdom of detachment and dispassion. And that is for the outer world; for the inner, humility is the effacement of ego and the recognition that one is more than this mortal and limited watery encasement. Humility protects from the delusion of human reality, physical power, vanity, pride and spiritual ignorance. These reflections and feelings are facilitated by humility which culminates in realization of the highest teaching.