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Djehuty as scribe

“O Aset, thou goddess, it is a good thing presence to hearken, for there is life to one who shall be guided by the advice of another”
-Teaching of Djehuty to Aset


The concept of surrender evokes many ideas an conceptions and is especially colored by eastern traditions that advocate surrendering to the Guru; as if giving up one’s will and suspension of reasoning, a kind of blind obedience. Lord Djehuty speaks of allowing oneself to be guided. In this contexts it is a conscious application of oneself to a teaching that one has intellectually researched and after being vetted , that one also agrees with and accepts. That acceptance is with the understanding that while one agrees and accepts that still one does not have the full understanding of either the inner workings or how to apply that wisdom. Therefore, guidance is needed and one, recognizing that fact, allows oneself to be guided on the path that one has decided to tread. Therefore, it is oneself who is guiding oneself for one has agreed and decided to allow it.