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It is interesting to note that the wood and mud-brick construction, though more perishable than stone, is still visible in many places; however, the stone is truly more durable and also majestic and in the same way our spirit is more durable and majestic than the perishable body and this wisdom is a constant reminder of the spiritual reality. In modern times, the apparent abiding nature of concrete and cement has led to the illusion that modern construction is abiding and thus the teaching of construction materials has been lost.

Akhnaton’s message was also one of reforming the notion of neteru in a context of Henotheism and this message is sometimes needed to be reiterated periodically since mature societies (society that has achieved heights of spiritual evolution) need to reaffirm the teaching so as to prevent it from becoming ossified in ritualism and entrenched bureaucracy. In part this is the reason for the other different traditions to emerge (Anunian, Theban, Memphite, Goddess, etc.)