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The .__Persians___ conquered the country and were expelled briefly by native Egyptians, but they reconquered the country.
P 119 – 182

3-List the important points you got out of the reading. Please note there were many important points in this chapter.
• The relationship between Nubia and Egypt and the Nubian origins of Kamitian culture.
• Interesting – that even in later times, house and even royal palaces still continued to be made of mud brick and wood, a signal of the importance placed on spirituality as opposed to worldly life.
• The Sphinx represents a high order of culture that existed prior to the pre-dynastic period.
• How the mystical implications of the principals of the Asarian Resurrection and the mythology are still in accord with the pre-dynastic teachings.
• How Akhnaton tried to force the population to understand that all the gods and goddesses were complete in Aton and the rejection of worshiping the lesser divinities.
• The information describing the various periods from pre-dynastic to the Coptic Church period. Also, Manetho documenting the chronology which is given as the Gods, The Demigods, The Spirits of the Dead, etc.
• The concept of the imperishable stars and the path of spiritual evolution! – It is very profound that the Egyptians interwove their myth and temples with the stars in the sky to convey the concept of that which is unchanging, absolute, transcendental and perfect.

4-Which items if any are you in need of revising as to the history you previously learned. (Optional: how do you think this will affect how you relate to others who have not had this education or who come to you with alternative histories or understandings of the implications of the history as presented in this class which have proofs and references for what is in the textbook?) No revision necessary.

5-What is the most remarkable thing you learned in this lesson and how do you think if will affect: A-Your development as a human being and member of society; and B-How will it affect the way you relate to yourself and a spiritual aspirant.
The most remarkable thing in this section is how the ancient Egyptians aligned their monuments and temples to the celestial heavens. For example, Heru-m-akhet facing the Constellation Leo and the Great Pyramid incorporating the teachings of the imperishable stars. I realize this teachings is letting me know that as above so it is below and that my essence is so much more than this physical body. The teachings affirm that we are all connected with a higher aspect of our being represented by this teachings in regards to the celestial heavens. It outlines the essence of my being – always seeking higher consciousness and immortality. The Aker-Akhet symbol, symbolizes the Sphinx on Earth constantly looks at Ra (the sun) while he faces the Sphinx in heaven. I must constantly keep up my Shedy disciplines to obtain enlightenment and eventual immortality.

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