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Asp. Belle

EMI 1 Lesson 12 Reading Assignment pages 168-178

Sdjm means Heeding the teaching.

After practicing for many years and not becoming enlightened the recourse an aspirant should take is to repeat the process and assert more effort to becoming more attentive to the discipline, and dispassionate about worldly activities.
The aspirant should learn to live within their means and do all to obtain spiritual enlightenment.

What does maturity to succeed in the teachings occur?
When there is sufficient frustration w/ the pursuit of worldly desires. This occurs when the human realizes that trying to fulfill worldly desires is fleeting and leads to consistent mood swings.

Divine love towards God allows the depth of the teachings to be approached.
It is my understanding that God does not grant Nehast. This is because the human Spirit Self is already God and therefore, enlightened. So, with discipline, repetition, and consistency the human would realize how to adjust the soul to attune to Spiritual freedom through devotional practices of listening, reflecting, and meditating.

The desire for worldly attainments should be replaced with a desire for Spiritual attainments. The journey is to become attached to my spiritual teachings and grow to not care for worldly things.

Those who want to practice salad bar spirituality seek the advice of oracles or create their own independent classes should do so on their own. Because this form of practice feeds misunderstanding, ignorance, and distraction.