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Asp. Belle

EM1 Lesson 13 workbook pg. 179-192
1. How should an aspirant think about their spiritual checklist and how diligent should they try to be with it?
As an aspirant, it is my spiritual duty to pay close attention to my spiritual checklist. My spiritual checklist is an effective tool to help keep me on track to being disciplined in the Shedy practices. I know that to purify my body and mind I must turn toward the truth every day to not be distracted by worldly fantasies.

2. As an aspirant I must write down every day in my Spiritual diary to watch my personality change and how I approach my spiritual goals.

3. Whatever you discover is to be understood as a relative reality because it is being perceived through the mind and senses which are limited. This is so because, in the spiritual realm, the divine is experienced through the eyes and feelings of the individual as Gods, Goddesses, wholeness, light, freedom, or an awakening.

4. All of life’s activities are ritualistic to some degree. We repeat actions like brushing our teeth, eating, and bathing to maintain a certain level of physical and mental function because without them we feel lost and out of order. Just the same with spiritual rituals that grow spirituality, without the ritualistic actions of the path toward the truth people are lost.

5. When you approach a teacher bring an offering this is important because it helps to sustain the teacher’s effort in disseminating the teaching.

6. What are you being initiated into? I am being initiated as a Shemsu Neter spirituality and Sami Tawi yoga discipline. It is my goal to incorporate the teachings and yoga into my daily life to purify my personalities into to perceive transcendental reality beyond time and space.