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Asp. Belle

EM1 Level 1 Lesson 9
-Workbook Questions & Answer pages 107-124
1. Name the practice process in the Kemetic Yoga of Wisdom
a. Fill the ears -listen attentively- Me mestchert.
b. Think, ponder, fix attention, and concentrate -reflection on teachings- Maui.
c. State of continuously introspective -Meditation- Uaa.

2. What are the steps in practicing the Yoga of action?
a. Learn to act with Maat- Ethics and Law of Cause and Effect. Practice the right action and learn the 42 precepts of Maat to purify gross impurities of the personality to control one’s body, speech, and thoughts.
b. Practice Ari Maat selfless service to humanity to purify the mind and intellect from subtle impurities. This act makes one humble and effaces the ego.
c. Devotion to the divine (Ushet): see maatian actions as offerings to the Divine by realizing that one is interacting in, with, and through the Supreme Spirit in all movement, speech, and thought.
d. Meditation: see oneself as one with Maat, therefore, united with the cosmic order, which is the Transcendental Supreme Self

3. How should a spiritual aspirant think about ego-based feelings, and how does the Action Path affect them as an aspirant transform through time?
As a spiritual aspirant, I must practice Maat selfless-action principles daily to develop patience and redirect ego feelings.
I know that as long as I practice Maat daily, my mind will be occupied with uplifting thoughts that will chase the egoist thoughts away to reveal my true Self, of abiding Hetep.
I am also aware that the wisdom I gain from the hekau, prayers, and reflecting on nature will create mental protection from the fluctuating feelings from those moments when the ego wants to tie the mind up in worries and imagination. That’s why during seemingly impossible situations hearing the voice repeat in my head that “I am fearless. I have all the resources within me to withstand and rise above any situation” will make the clouds of the mind go away.

4. What happens if you need to learn the spiritual lesson that the situation is here to teach you?
If I do not learn the spiritual lesson, I am setting myself up to repeat the experience. I must understand that pain and suffering are a by-product of not living a life in harmony with Maat and with an awareness of my true essence.

5. By acting and moving like the gods and goddesses, one can do what?
Acting like the gods and goddesses is a door to discovering my character, energy, and divine agency within my consciousness and becoming one with the Divine.

6. Did Yoga posture begin in India?
False because Sema Paut Union with the gods and goddesses or Tjef Sema Paut Neteru, the movements to promote union with the gods and goddesses. Served to harmonize the energies, promote physical health, and direct the mind in Meditation to discover and cultivate divine consciousness.

7. The stagnation of energy flow through the body has what effects?
It can ground consciousness to the physical realities and not allow the mind and body to operate with lightness and subtlety.

8. How the spiritual aspirant thinks about their capacity to control “externalized consciousness” and their ability to rise above their conditioning of the past?
I am aware that with Meditation, hekau, and other disciplines of Yoga, I can reverse the flow of consciousness on itself like a mirror that will reveal my true Self. My past is not reality because the physical world is energy and not matter. I know that reality is a condition of my human mind and senses, and I can strive to rise above to perceive reality as it truly is.

Response to #2881

What impressed me most is that post #2881 reminded us of the connection between the battle of Heru and Set and the spiritual path to enlightenment. It is essential to keep this glory in the forefront of the mind overcoming Set to embody Heru that is the goal. Heru has victory over Set when there is consistency and repetition of the Yoga Practice, triggering a growing spiritual voice of over time due to less involvement in egotistic activities.