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Simone Diana

Reading Assignment EM Level 1, Lesson 1, Workbook pages 10-20

What ist the relationship between the Egyptians and Ethopians?
Ancient Egyptians were a colony from Ethiopia and came to the north east part of Africa. Different names as „Nubians“ or „Ethiopian“ refer to the same people of the same area (south of Egypt, the „black land“ or the „land of the blacks“).

What is Yoga Philosophy?
It is a form of spiritual development and leads to spiritual enlightment. Yoga helps uniting the individual being with the supreme divine being. There are tools given that help us going this path of development. Through these tools we get insight into our individual divine nature.

What is the Initiatic Way of Education?
Initiation is more of an embarking of a journey of spiritual living which leads to spiritual enlightment.
Therefore every student needs an authentic teacher. But also the student needs to be qualified to learn – „ten virtues“ are needed for spiritual development. The teachings can lead to spiritual enlightment and inner fulfilment. The teaching method involves listening to the teachings, studying and meditation. The aspirant is initiated to a way of life which he/she needs to practice, study and reflect and also meditate on the teachings – it is a conscious choice to adopt a teaching!

How does the Kemetic Yoga counselor help the seeker?
The teacher helps to turn the negative emotions or experiences such as disappointment or pain that occur in the interaction with the world into the desire to rise above them. He/She helps to restructure oneself and “detach” from the world in a positive and healthy way.

How should a beginning spiritual aspirant think about the different levels of aspirants?
There are different levels in the process of initiation and each of them is necessary and can not be skipped. There exists a kind of natural development within the spiritual path and knowing this also helps us understanding why we have to learn what on which level of development. Therefore aspirants on different levels should not be judged or compared to each other. On every level it is also important to keep practicing!