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Asp. Belle

EM 1 Lesson 4 Workbook Questions:
1. Why is keeping the company the of wise?
a. A developing aspirant needs the guidance of the wise Sage or Spiritual Teacher because they provide instruction on applying Shetaut Neter when confronted with ordinary, worldly-minded people. Also, the mind can be distracted by physical, emotional, and mental illusions, but in Het Neter, a Sage counsels an initiate on the methods of self-control.

2. How should a Spiritual Aspirant think about good association and what actions should they take to ensure they will receive and benefit from it?
a. An Aspirant should think of good association as a means of accelerating their spiritual development. Keeping the company of the wise is a primary way to receive important and powerful tools for spiritual progression. The aspirant will benefit because while receiving the teachings he/she can be directed on the correct path to avoid mistakes thus making the spiritual transformation process smoother.

3. When can you as the Aspirant choose those disciplines which suit your personality?
a. As an Aspirant, I can choose the discipline that suits my personality once I have learned the correct methods of the Shedy Yoga Disciplines are Devotional love: to enlighten the emotions, Wisdom to enlighten the intellect, Maat selfless service to enlighten the body, and Formal Meditation for willpower to enlighten the unconscious mind.

4. What food does the preceptor provide?
a. The preceptor provides mental food in the form of wisdom teachings and then it is up to me to consume it, digest it, absorb it, and allow it to become part of my being.

Week 3 Topic:
5. Who is a Teacher?
a. A Spiritual Preceptor (teacher) is advanced on the spiritual path or has reached a fully enlightened state. They have achieved personal spiritual emancipation and live the teachings; such a person can breathe life into the scriptures and myths to make them understood in the language of today. They understand the subtleties of the mind, are well versed in the methods of training the Aspirant and are able to be a refuge for all people and enthusiastically pursue all forms of Yoga. The Yoga philosophy teacher also is advanced in self-control, is indifferent to positive or negative situations, is not affected by praise or censure, and is not desirous of any object in the phenomenal world. They are fulfilled through their realization of their own divinity and help others out of compassion and universal love which flows through them directly from the divine source.

6. Who is Sebai?
a. Sebai is a spiritual preceptor who teaches the Aspirant the principles of Shetaut Neter religion to aid the learner’s spiritual enlightenment.

7. What was the largest priesthood?
a. The largest priesthood belonged to the Temples of the Gods Amun, Asar, Ra, and Heru, and the Goddesses Net, Aset, and Hetheru