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KMT 101 | Lesson 2: reflections
Kate Oliver

Video one
Most important notes:

Forgetting morality and ethics causes societal breakdown. Moral degradation allows corruption to come into social and political order where a negative chain reactions occurs within society.
Evil serves good and is necessary.
Europe enforcing religion on Africa was the beginning of the dark ages that is only now just finishing.
Temples organised the agriculture, education and political / governmental institutions.
Therefore, when you close the temples you have the breakdown of society.
The educational system was important. Temples teach 5yos writing, math and accounting. By 10 they learnt a trade and by 20 were qualified. 20 priestess training begun, where they studyied for at least 2 decades, qualified as a high priestess / priest at 40yo.
The danger of having an oral tradition is that it can be easily disrupted so writing is important to maintain traditions.
Ethical teachings – Ma’at: 3 important principles to take care of in society in other words, the basic needs a human requires to have a well-ordered society. (referred to in the book of the dead) Pirim Heru (spelling?) says – I have given food to the hungry, I have given shelter to the homeless, I have given a boat to the boatless. Sustenance, shelter, opportunity. When ppl are deprived of these 3 things, there will be disorder.
Therefore, those in charge must provide the above.
Are you building your life on illusion or can you find purpose for yourself.
Spiritual consciousness – the underlying awareness of the essence of creation.
When you have illiteracy in women, you have degradation in the family and consequently in society as a whole.