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Level 1 Lesson 2wt
Introduction Into Egyptian Yoga & Neterian Spirituality Workbook
Pages 21-22

How would describe your knowledge of religion and philosophy? I am an intermediate of both. If I would put one above the other, I would say I have a better grasp on religion as opposed to philosophy. The wealth of my religious background is from a Christian perspective. But I have decided to learn other forms of religion and philosophy to create a bridge to my ancestral knowledge.

What do you see as the greatest obstacle to your happiness and fulfillment in life? Not being able to tap into my divine essence. Being able tap it to its full potential and sustain it to affect my daily living in a blessed way.

What do you see as the most important need that you have? Spiritual Enlightenment. Through an enlightened spirit, I will be able tap into my divine essence to its full potential and sustain it for a period time that will affect my daily activities in a blessed manner.

What is your previous religious affiliation or faith and how do you think that relates to what you are following? Christianity is my previous faith. There’s no relation. If Christianity has done it at this point, it’s time to try something new. It didn’t spark my interest. I didn’t see US in the teachings.

What role do you feel religion or spirituality plays in your life? Spirituality has become 1 of the key accomplishments I will succeed in in my life. The ability to tap into my divine essence is important to me. And to be a member of a spiritual system, I believe it will guide me in a path to obtain my spiritual accomplishments.

Have you had any previous Yoga instruction? No. I hope I can still stretch.

Have you received any advanced religious instruction? No. Unless you want to call the pastor providing religious instruction. I wasn’t a good student of their teachings.

How do you see your life? Stagnant. Lack of spiritual enlightenment and worldly attainments.

What do you think of your own potential to succeed in life? I think I have the potential. Sometimes I lack the motivation to focus on completing objectives.

If you could, what would you like to do in your life? I would like to travel to Africa and other locations predominate by Africans. Learn their culture, understand their faith system, and purchase real estate. And bring that knowledge and accommodations back to my Africans her so they can learn the truth.