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Lesson 15

Kahk Ab – repudiating or rejecting
Loving life and hating death leads to reincarnation establishing oneself on Earth. Love and hate reinforces the ego. Running after or away from things you love and hate respectively leads to a heavy heart, an opaque and heavy mind, and a never ending cycle. To become free from this, one must go into the temple and make offerings to the divine. This requires a withdrawal from the world and becoming seated from the teachings. Making provisions leads to Kahk Ab.

Tchez – Knitting, how thoughts become things
Ra knits himself out of himself. Creation is the product of the thoughts of Ra. Therefore, in order to undo creation, Aset goes after Ra’s mind while it leaks life force energy in the calm of the evening. Our mind leaks life force energy when that energy is not being used to sustain physicality. The process is to collect, store, and build the energy. Remaining in a meditative state allows the energy you collected not to be squandered by the desires of the personality. The personality is a sum total of the way a soul designs the ariu. Before the mind takes a form, it is composed of nun stuff. In meditation, one allows the forms to return back to the nun/undifferentiated state.
In deeper meditation, one goes beyond the undifferentiated state to the absolute to discovering one’s true name. All other names are a non-reality concept in the mind. What we see is not as it appears. It appears as such because of reflections from the ariu. Matter from the nun clumps into feelings, thoughts, words, images, experiences, movement. We see space and movement between forms and believe them to be in fact different. Behind what is being aware of is the true reality. Reality exists in the space between the movements. In a calm and cool childlike mind, one can access entry into this space. Meditation extends the experience in this space.

An Nemunemu- Stillness
Creation is not created by Ra. Ra acts on the nun as a reflection. This causes a movement in the nun while Ra’s true essence – my true essence – remains unmoved. The thoughts along with feelings bring about creation. In the shedy disciplines, thoughts with feelings are also used to undue creation. One must first maintain the thought that one’s true name can be uncovered. One must have the devotional feelings directed toward that goal. Slowing down to allow reflection and observation on one’s own movements like a witness without loving nor hating what is being witnessed is essential. Further withdrawal of the senses and mind brings one into the akhet. Complete stillness, complete focus, relentless no matter what arises and commitment consistently will lead to achievement of the goal of life, enlightenment.