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Lesson 14

In the Kemetic creation story at the beginning of this course we learned that creation began as an impetus from the mind of Khepeara. Khepe-Ra emerging out of the time before creation touched his forehead mythically and creation began to take form while he laid still. Through will power, khepe-Ra tchez/khut the undifferentiated matter together which allowed creation to appear to take shape beginning with the first element, hydrogen. As Khepe-Ra is the source of the elements, creation emerged from KhepeRa as KhepeRa. Khepe-Ra is the sun, is regarded as a God and is the source of fire. In its sustaining aspect as Ra, the fire of the sun is difficult to access. However in its dissolving aspect as Tem the fire is also very powerful and easier to access. Aset collected this fire and conserved it within herself building her own fire. This fire of Aset becomes her wisdom, her poise and her imagery and her will power.

Another aspect of fire is Hekau, words of power, bring life. Fire of wisdom, dispassion and will. Will power is used here again as it did with Kepera. The more powerful the will, the more focused and concentrated it is, the more easily one can speak creation into existence. What one brings into creation is directed by the quality of the mind, whether one is being childlike, trusting and unworried as opposed to being childish and deluded as Sebai explained.
Aset developed a powerful mind and therefore the ability to think into existence whatever she desires. She, being wise, in her kite form, pursued her own dissolution. The story of Aset and Ra with two characters becomes a story of Aset as Ra with one character. She reversed the process of creation by uncreating it. This can also be done through thought/wisdom. It was striking to hear that you cannot bring something into being and still have absolute, therefore what is brought into being is not absolute, it is illusory and dissolvable including oneself. As mentioned above, creation is in the mind and the mind itself is illusory so as Aset discovers the absolute and leaves the mind behind, there is at the end no characters.

Before Lady Aset had access to more potent sources of fire she had to purify her ego through gaining wisdom and insight into the gentler uses of fire. Then she entered the temple. The temple here, is imagined to be as a portal that an initiate integrates the shady disciplines to be permitted to have access to the mysteries of life force/fire before attempting to approach it.

Life force energy is all around. Life force energy In various myths the sages are demonstrating through the cosmic forces the relationship with fire, how one uses it and how one becomes it.
Hetheru is the life force energy and the sages showed us through her drama how intense and destructive that her force will become when directed downward in full force toward creation without discrimination. Nebethet showed us what happens when her fire moves toward the soul and away from the ego, it produced discernment. When you manipulate fire into a form it becomes the serpent power.The Serpent-Sebai defines it as the dynamic aspect of life force directed to piercing egoism or life force in movement.
I can see how fire, life force comes in and goes out, spirals and dances, flows down and flows up, leaves one life less and en-lightens as well.

One of the keyes is to develop momentum on the path through khak ab and antet begag. One must pay attention. When the line is running after things, your energy goes with it so get ahead of it and stop it before it develops momentum. Remain aware of self apart, remember that one is an entity aware but not going with the mind but static. The meditation practice in the temple of Aset takes the initiate from a state of listening and reflecting into a state without words, thoughts, visuals nor identity. Various tools were shared that can be used to enhance the meditation experience including the temple mat, poster and lotus oil.

The ability is always there to observe creation coming into time and space, to observe and enjoy the various scientific ways they operate and to observe them going out without attachment, without being deluded, with purified ego.