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Level 1 Lesson 3 Intro to SN short part 3b.mp4
GS13 – Dr. Muata Ashby interview About his work and philosophy by – theremix
Reading Assignment
Important themes:
1. Om Amun Ra Ptah: the One Divine Self Manifesting and the Trinity of Witnessing Conscious Mind and the Physical Universe, is a chant to yoke the existence of the higher self to the lower self. In that, Om- Universal Existence, Amun- Hear, Ra- See, Ptah- Sight
Is the mind separate from these?
2. Neberdjer: is the spiritual all that manifests as the Divine Trinity
3. Dream State: the negative dream of state mind is being unconscious while awake feeling frightened and lost and the positive dream state of mind is being aware, unafraid, and enlightened and practicing meditation to be conscious.
4. African philosophy is about teaching humans to remember spirituality and to bring back enlightenment and wisdom.
5. Smai Tawi or Egyptian Yoga: means to unite the lower and higher self. Humans were brought into existence to experience being and in being you find fulfillment. The act of becoming free and balanced with nature by discovering abiding peace when you tap into spiritual enlightenment as a way of life.
6. Ethical Foundation: other religions have similarities but are missing the ethical foundation for a cultural system. Also, other religion does not require spiritual enlightenment.
7. Spiritual Myths: use the Spiritual Myths to become spiritually enlightened. The myth is seen as myself. The transcendental truth to overcome the obstacles of the world.
8. God and Goddesses: were the original teachers who passed the myths on

What impressed me the most?
That there is so much new information for me to learn. It blew my mind to know that other religions don’t require spiritual enlightenment. It is exciting to know that mystical understandings go deep in the search for spiritual growth. Furthermore, the dream state is about the human being’s consciousness and can result in a negative frightful state or a positive and knowing state.