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Asp. Belle

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Level 1 Lesson 1 Video

Important Themes of Spirituality to transform and Promote Abiding Peace of the Heart:

1. The Spiritual Journey is the purpose of life:
to achieve a state of consciousness apart from the body,
to control the forces of Karma and not become a slave to them, subdue the negative ego,
achieving spirituality by utilizing purification activities of the heart, and
experiencing appreciation of the Divine during reflection and meditation

2. Three Stages of Religion are the true ways of being spiritual:
Myth- Knowing about the divinity stories, and their philosophical teachings.
Mystical- Seeking unity with God for Spiritual Oneness by purifying the soul.
Ritual- Participating in devotional chanting, singing, and scripture readings.

3. Knowing the state of mind and not falling victim to the happenings of the physical body:
Practice the disciplines of Integral Yoga daily (Devotional, Wisdom, Selfless, Meditation)
Remember the state of mind during dull or agitated states is of The Higher Self.
Remember the clouds of the mind do float by and do not attach to you.

What impressed me the most:

That the practice of the Shedy disciplines leads to knowing oneself as the Divine self. That all my efforts are to achieve abiding peace, independent of what is happening to the physical body, that I the Spirit Self live in. Understanding that the happenings of life are forever passing moments and that they do not define my existence on earth. That my understanding of spirituality comes from a place higher than I am and that here on earth I am in a spiritual school for growth and development.


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