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EML1: Lesson 18 – video assignment, AFRICAN ORIGINS SERIES Class 24 Introduction to Shetaut Neter Philosophy Part 1/ Aspirant Fedin


Important themes:

– The 42 precepts of Maat are listed in the Prt m Hru
– God and the universe are one, and that is the ultimate philosophy behind Maat philosophy
– The heru-m-akhet is the oldest spiritual monument in the world
– Abondance and green zones promote peace of mind while lack and arid zones promote belligerence
– Shetaut means something that is hidden, mysterious, hard to understand
– The symbol for neter means that which is placed in the coffin
– Uashu, a giving of yourself by living a life of virtue

What impressed me the most:

Shetaut Neter meaning that “that thing that is placed in the coffin is hidden” and that “Ari shedy rech ab m maakheru” comes together for me. Like for example, this innermost core of our existence is hidden from us until we are willing to ari shedy on ourself in order to rech ab and “un-hidden” it. It is really hidden lol, only one that has discovered and experienced it can talk truly about it, the fact that we are on this journey trying to discover and experience it proves the hidden nature of that thing that it placed in the coffin lol. Doing shedy in the form of rech, maat, uashu and uaa is the effort we put in the process of unhiding that Neter which is not something other than ourselves but our own ignorance prevents us to think/know/experience it. For a highly purified personality/ego effacement there is no journey to take to unhidden it, as it is already there revealed to him/her, been there all long. Otherwise, if there were no saui set from the beginning preventing us to know our true nature there would be no journey from ignorance of self to wisdom, no movement, stillness just pure existence, beingness and no enlightenment. So shedy until the Neter is no more Shetauted.

Djasu: Was the symbol for Neter always wrapped with clothes around it? Or it was done later to emphasize the hidden nature of that thing wrapped, so that even without shetaut in front just the symbol of neter itself would convey the message? Just like by removing the fetters to be free, one has to remove the clothes around the “wood/neter symbol”.