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Lesson 7: Introduction to Ancient Egyptian Sema Philosophy

Sema = Yoga

Tawi = two regions

Sema Tawi is the union of two regions. The Sema Tawi philosophy was practiced in

the Nile River Valley, Africa close to Ethiopia. It is important to note that Sema

and Yoga is synonymous with each other. The word Sema correlates with African

discipline and Yoga is associated with Indian, or Hindu discipline. The meaning of

Yoga is to unite the lower and higher self, and the concept of Yoga meditation is

to will yourself into higher consciousness. The theory of uniting the two regions,

two minds, the higher and lower self is consistent within both the African

disciplines and then later reconstructed, adopted, and expressed by the Indian


The Shedy disciplines are the Sema disciplines. Shedy simply means the teaching

and discovery of divine mysteries. Practicing Shedy leads to knowing thyself. The

Shedy disciplines consist of four particular disciplines that are referred to as

the “Great Truth”. These are;

Acting Righteous

The Kemetian “Glorious Light Meditation”, which are the first known meditation

instructions in human history were introduced to the world in 1350 BCE.

The first historical posture of Yoga derives from the Egyptian “Great Sphinx”.

At 1000 ACE is when physical yoga began. It is important to acknowledge that the

original concept and purpose of Yoga was for the human being to receive a higher

awareness. The Hatha Yoga of today recognizes Egyptian Yoga and honors the true

intention of Meditation is the idea of the human being becoming one with


“ Nothing in Heaven is a slave; nothing on Earth is free.”
Egyptian Proverb