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Heru m akhet

EML1: Lesson 17 – Interaction assignment / Aspirant Fedin on reply #19081



– The kemetic diet is not something that is based on physical food or mental food only, it is also based on the spiritual food

– Ukhedu means mucus but also the disease process that causes mucus
So much more like the cause extending itself by manifesting as the effect?

– I liked the analogy of the seed being planted and needing protection but then grows up turn into a tree doesn’t need any barrier nor protection when referring to protecting spiritual aspiration. It also reminded me of the invocatory prayer to goddess Aset where it says “She who revived what was faint for the weary one, who received his, conceived an heir and who nourished him in solitude while no one knew where it was”

NB: It is refreshing to hear about personal stories or anecdotes about Sebai and Seba to some degrees of course, it does a lot to the spiritual aspirant as it encourages us more and shows that we can also strive and go from ignorance to enlightenment just like them. It gives us hints and tricks necessary to act in TS righteously and by truth. Much Dua. For example, I do not eat after 6pm, I drink chamomile and hibiscus mostly on weekend not blindly following Sebai’s advice but I can see/feel the effect on the body and the mind. The anecdotes or practical living of the teachings by the sage bridges the gap between the theorical wisdom of the teaching and its application in TS to give the new aspirant a way to relate or apply the wisdom so that in turn he can also experience and live it.

Djasu: Since we got hints on how to breath properly, to sit properly with our back straight, to eat properly, to think properly, to act properly etc, do you have hints on how to sleep properly? And how is a typical normal day for a Sebai and a Seba?