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Heru m akhet

EML1: Lesson 16 – Interaction assignment / Aspirant Fedin on reply #23700


– Diet not just as a program for weight loss or for health issues but as a lifestyle
– Being healthy of body and mind, feelings allow you to tap into a higher food which is the soul food
– GMOs, processed food and even good food not eaten in good proportion burden and weigh down the physical body and in the other hand negative thoughts, deluded thoughts, a mind full of desires and wrong desires burden and weigh down the mind. The light of the Soul which is associated with both cannot clearly be perceived as it is obstructed, dimed by this grounding effect
– The living aspect of the soul is green and the Transcendental aspect is black, not traditional black but the blackness beyond black, the double black
– Cosmic forces not to be handled in the same way
– Diligence and good proportion of intensity, avoid extremities both good and bad and be balanced
– As it took lifetimes of unrighteousness and untruthfulness it will also take a lot of patience and self-forgiveness in order to progressively break the cycle of unrighteousness and untruthfulness and leads yourself toward a highly and elevated habituation of spiritual things