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Heru m akhet

EML1: Lesson 16 – video assignment, Kemetic Diet class part 1 2 and 3 / Aspirant Fedin


Important themes:

– Htp di si neter iri mettu wadj: By making an offering to the Divine, the Divine in turn will reciprocate by making one’s vascular system to flourish
– Un n ka Un: feed the ka what endures, which means to feed the mind Truth
– Thoughts have energies attached to them, the residues of these thoughts and energies become lodged in the unconscious mind and when that happens the eye of heru becomes opaque
– The purpose of the kemetic diet is to create the harmony between the 3 bodies by feeding them with the proper food
– True health is to be closer to the Divine
– Shepsu, the exalted beings, they relate to persons who have attain high spiritual realization and who have passed on
– We are energy beings
– Greenery is Asar
– When we breath properly we conserve the life force energy
– Whatever the mind is the body will follow

What impressed me the most:

– The life force energy that courses through the body of the human being comes into the astral body through the sefek bau ra and courses up dans down the subtle spine which is the pillar of Asar the Djed, if the energy coursing through that pillar is unobstructed it starts a blazing fire that burns the egoistic mind…

So that is why the shemsu Udja cannot be manually or started on demand? it is automatically regulated as one’s consciousness is allowed to move freely and unobstructed

– Wadj means green, green is the color of balance, a color of the heart energy center. The first energy center correlate to the seventh, the second to the sixth, the third to the fifth and the fourth is the balance. The disbalance causes your system to be vulnerable and prone to maladies.

– 3 main downfalls that the human being has: food (first energy center), physical sexual food (second energy center), food of the ego (third energy center) and we need green food (fourth energy center) in order to overcome the 3 lower, furthermore if you take in green food, you get the blue, the violet then the black which is Asar the lord of the perfect black. Asar turns from green to black, black food is Transcendental consciousness beyond all food all colors