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Bastu Akhu


Lesson 15 offered a comprehensive summary, reiterating key points of the Temple of Aset teachings and highlighting some subtle nuances to deepen our understanding of the teachings.

Sebai, began the lesson with juxtaposing the Creation Myth with the Myth of Aset and Ra. One is bringing creation into being and the latter is dissolving it. In the creation myth Ra uses his will force (khut) on the nun/undifferentiated waters of the mind, his own body to bring forth/create (tjez) objects with names and form. These objects are reflections, in essence projections of Ra’s mind, our mind, therefore anything that the mind and senses can be aware of are objects and therefore illusory. In the myth of Aset and Ra, Aset’s goal is to dissolve creation and discovering what is “truly” abiding, by going beyond the nun/ undifferentiated consciousness, in essence to go beyond our own “creations” to the Absolute, Neberdjer, which is what sustains All including Ra/mind.

Sebai continued with sharing many gems, including the important steps necessary in the dissolution process, in other words, to stop the mind from creating, to stop the mind from moving. One such important step of the TOA teachings is Khak ab. The Stele of Abu Section #4 gave us some insights into what it means to live by “love and hate”, to live by duality and hence why khak ab is important. This process of desiring to live on earth as a human being and experience human desires and feelings causes the development of egoism which is the source of opaqueness in the mind and therefore should be rejected/repudiated/ khak ab because its illusory and causes a heavy heart/mind, meaning, lots of thoughts of loving and hating which causes a lot of movement in the mind rendering it opaque and heavy. This heaviness prevents one from being able to be still long enough to discover the metaphysics of the teachings, what is true.

In this lesson it was clear that this discovery requires intensification of the disciplines of the TOA. As Sebai shared we should be “turning up the heat on…Ra/Mind- via the wisdom teaching, dispassion, khak ab, antet begag” etc. which leads to un nemu nemu and the one thing the Mind/Ra cannot take is motionlessness. Therefore, the antidote to “Indj Set” a mind afflicted by fetters of set, the afflictions of egoism that produces Nesheny-is Nemm – Dwelling with Aset and her teachings as she show us the way. Her process led her to repudiate /become dispassionate about of her own manifestation, her own mental thought and creations and because of this she was able to experience the un nemu nemu state, after some in this state she was able to freely experience the reality behind Ra, behind his names and forms which again are the names and forms of our own mind, of our creations.

The following from Plutarch encompasses my feeling of this Nefer Lessen, A Nefer ending to the extended Bastu lectures

“The end and aim of all these toils and labors is the attainment of the knowledge of the First and Chief Being, who alone is the object of the understanding of the mind; and this knowledge the goddess invites us to seek after, as being near and dwelling continually with her. And this also is what the very name of her temple promiseth to us, that is to say, the knowledge and understanding of the eternal and self-existent Being – now it is called “Iseion,” which suggests that if we approach the temple of the goddess rightly, we shall obtain the knowledge of that eternal and self-existent Being.”

Dua Goddess Aset
Dua Sebai Maa, Seba Dja, Bastus