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Lesson 6: Fundamental Principles of African Religion, Video 1

The fundamental principle of African religion is; God and Universe are one.

African religion entails storytelling, ritual, and ecstasy through the experience

of transcendence. The practice of Smai Tawi or Yoga, which means to unite, through

listening, reflection, and meditation which is the science of making mystical

experiences happen, transcendence occurs.

To understand myth one must know that myth is not just for the ancients, myth is

written in the form of imagery, we must incorporate myth into our human living

experience, myth is not just for entertainment, and myth entails transcendental

principles. The different types of myths are; creation, heroic, moral teaching or

virtues, parables, or proverbs. Common myth principles are; supreme beings,

lesser beings, human imperfection, purification via rituals, and the discovery of


The practice of religion needs to have three components which are; myth, ritual,

and mysticism. Without the component of mysticism, meaning when the human being

transcends the mortal experience, the human being will not be able to experience

the divine which is the ultimate goal of religion. Religion is important because

each and every human being’s experience of existence is affected by religion.

Western philosophy, language, and religion are rooted in rhetoric. In contrast,

Kemetic spirituality and language are much more to the point and avoid confusion.

The human being exists in order to express divinity. Likewise, humans can be the

lowest expression of divinity due to the desire and practice of aligning with


Video 2

Aku means spirit or light. When in the practice of ritual, there are components

designed to assist in having a transcendental experience.

-Candles represent lighting the light within yourself

-Incense can be symbolic of your light, as the fragrance represents your personality

-Pouring libation means continual thought toward the divine

-Spoken offerings, chants, or hekau transforms the mind, and assist your manifestations

Hekau or words of power are offered 4 times consecutively.

All spiritual disciplines are designed for you to know yourself. Divinity

manifests as Gods and Goddesses or cosmic forces that are ultimately an intricate

part of ourselves.