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Heru m akhet

EML1: Lesson 16 – audio assignment / Aspirant Fedin


1- What are the main teachings brought out in the audio lecture recording? Explain in your own words

You need to be healthy in order to achieve any endeavor in life, be it mondain or spiritual, health is a prerequisite. Health is like a basis or a support that makes the environment conductive in order to properly operate this physical instrument that is our body at its full potential in TS. And the key to health is to avoid as much as possible the forming of ukedu in the mettu. Ukedu is caused by unrighteousness and untruth. Since we use this instrument that is our body in TS, we must seek for what is right and truth from the Ta, Pet and Duat and feed our Khat, Ka and Ba with the proper proportion of physical, mental and soul food. That is why the ancient sages and initiates left us the shedy disciplines and the kemetic diet that leads to physical, mind and soul purity. Otherwise, the Mettu (physical ones, astral or etherical ones and more subtler ones cannot express wadjness because of ukedu (which can go from gross to subtler like be physical impurities in the body to mental impurities in the mind to pure evilness for lack of soul connection and awareness). So Wadj = Mettu – Ukedu, purity and virtue are thus necessary for great Health which is just a means to an end, to put yourself in the best possible position to pursue the true goal of one’s life which is Enlightenment.

We have to recognize that human beings lost the user manual or user guide of how they were supposed to function or operate, just like any other machine or instrument it comes with a user guide on how to use it. What Sebai and Seba did is to revive that manual or guide that the sages left us in order to know how to properly operate our 3 bodies in TS and how to go beyond that. We follow the proper instructions we get the proper outcome, we eat the proper food for body, mind and soul in right proportion we prevent ukedu formation thus we get WADJ.

2- Are you currently implementing the teaching given in the book and the lecture? If so which one(s)?

I have started to follow the kemetic diet but not yet in its entirety because of certain incapacities. But I am confident I will eventually follow it at 100 percent because when I hear that even for Sebai and Seba it was done in a progressive manner it encourages me and shows that it is possible. I do not put too much pressure on myself I make sure to do what is possible in the current situation that I am and eventually the neteru in their mysterious ways will gradually facilitate the transition. That is for the Khat

For the Ka, I try my best also to turn on my gatekeeper or anpu mode, to be alert to make sure to not forget to use Djehuty and MAAT and also catch myself before I switch to autopilot mode which is not easy. Rech shedy continuously also in the form of readings or videoing. A lot of Khak ab also helps with the mind.

And finally for the BA, since the 2022 neterian conference i try my best to wake up at 4am to meditate for at least 50 minutes, not yet consistent but I am happy with myself because it is a huge progress from where I came from, to partially meditate at random times and places to meditating at the same place for the same amount time, I am proud of myself. And it is working because sometimes after I open my eyes, I can still keep the perspective I had with eyes closed but with eyes opened for a brief instant, great feeling. And also the music from the website.