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Lesson 5: Kemetic Origins of Greek Philosophy, Mythology, and Western Religion
Part 1

The Pyramid Text is the oldest body of written work designed to be spiritual

instructions for humanity. Before Abrahamic religions were introduced to the world

there were 6 main spiritual traditions. The Abrahamic religions consist of

Judaism, Muslim, and Christianity. Ism simply means the religion of a particular

doctrine. For example, Hinduism is a term to describe religions in India.

Judaism begins around 1000 b.c. and unlike popular thought, Judaism is

not a people but rather a religion. Another misconception is the understanding of

the word, description, or title of Hebrew, which simply means nomads. The people

we now label as Jewish and are associated with being Hebrew, first emerged and

were found roaming the land of Canaan. It is interesting to mention that although

there is no record of Ancient Egypt sacrificing animals, the Jewish sacrifice of

the bull is seen.

Next is Islam. It’s important to note that Allah already existed in pre-Islamic

times in Arab nations and Muslims were originally Egyptians. The religion of Islam

from its conception has traditionally not been peaceful but rather indulgent in

egoism. The egoism of all the Abrahamic religions, cultures, and people has been

the seed that grew into racism and elitism.

The year 0 begins Christianity. There were no writings on Jesus in Christianity

till 60, 70 years after Jesus supposedly lived. The story of Jesus’s youth was

added to the Bible to explain Jesus’s existence and how he became to be. Judaism

and Christianity is rooted in ancient Egyptian philosophy and the ancestry of