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Lesson 4:

Interactions between Kemet and other African civilizations:

Dogon Tribe

There is a direct connection from Kemet to West Africa. The Dogon, Yoruba, and

Kemet Spiritual beliefs had in common the acknowledgment of supreme power,

along with gods or divinities, spirits, and the continuation of the existence of

ancestors after death.

The Dogon spiritual tradition is comprised of three principal sections; Awa, Lebe,

and Binu. The belief is in a supernatural power that organizes and animates this

material universe. Yoruba tribes were from four origins; Negroes, Nubian, Berbers,

and Arabs, the latter three came from Egypt. The Yoruba belief is similar

consisting of the supreme creator and divinities, the Orishas who manage and

assist the material world to evolve as it should. Ancestral forces and psychic

agencies also play a major role in the development of humanity on this earth.

These important relationships manifest in the form of specialized cults, priests,

and priestesses which are also similar and evident in Kemetic culture. Another key

similarity between all three of these royal African spiritual traditions is that

those who are spiritual healers with psychic abilities are treated and

given the respect of lesser divinities. Kemetic tradition Neterianism consists of

the supreme being, and Neter, divinities, as one known as Neberdjer which is in

all things. The Neter is an extension of the supreme being in the form of Gods and

Goddesses that help humanity to strive and evolve.

What I have found to be most interesting is that in our current times the

descendants of these profound civilizations have been transformed mostly to follow

Christianity and the Muslim faith, while Judaism seems to maintain an exclusive

status out of the Abrahamic trio.