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Level 1 Lesson 1wt
Introduction Into Egyptian Yoga & Neterian Spirituality Workbook
Pages 10-20

Q: What is the relationship between the Egyptians and Ethiopians?
A: The Egyptians were colonists of the Ethiopians. The term Ethiopian, Nubian and Kushite relate to the same people.

Topic 3: Who were the Ancient Egyptians?
A: The Egyptians were colonists sent out by the Ethiopians. The colony was led by Asar. The customs of the Egyptians on a large part, were Ethiopian. Such common custom beliefs included kings are Gods, burials, shapes of their statues and the form of letters. In addition, the orders of the priests, cleanliness when engaged with serving Gods, clean shaven, dress and form of staff were similar to the Ethiopians.

Topic 4: What is Yoga Philosophy?
A: Is a system which unifies the individual soul with the Universal soul or Supreme Consciousness.

Q: What is the iniatic way of education?
A: A teacher-student relationship. In today’s society, this relationship has not been adopted. Therefore, so-called educators do not have the wisdom nor have attained the ancient method to educate the inspired or those who choose to be awakened.

Topic 6: What is Initiation?
A: A process of transforming people embarking on a journey into spiritual living which leads to spiritual enlightenment. People such as: Isis, Hathor, Jesus, Budha, Elijah Muhammad, Josef Ben-Jochannan were initiated.

Q: How does the Kemetic Yoga counselor help the seeker?
A: The Kemetic Yoga counselor helps a seeker by desire to rise above experiences within the world. Anguish, disappointments and pain resolute the concerns of the world.

Q: How should a beginning spiritual aspirant think about the different levels of aspirants?
A: The first level of Aspiration, an aspirant has not experienced inner vision. Her/Him is under probationary status. The goal of this level is to awaken your Spiritual Self. To become consciousness of your divine presence within yourself and the universe. Faith is required to understand the spiritual essence is beyond ordinary human understanding. The second level of Striving, an aspirant has attained inner vision and has received a glimpse of cosmic consciousness. Now it’s time to purge yourself. Through purification of your mind and body by being spiritually disciplined. The aspirant attempts to surrender his/her personal identity or ego to the divine inner self which is the Universal Self of all creation. The third level of Established, an aspirant has become Identified with or United with God. The intellect has become illuminated. You are United with your divine self.