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Bastu Baket

Have a healthy mettu system – green is the color of Asar, living aspect of the soul. black is the color of Asar, transcendental aspect of the soul
Food for the body mind and soul
Purity of the body, mind and spirit allows one to open up to the understanding of ‘soul food’.
On addictions -Work through addiction little by little, extricate your self from the addiction little by little and put yourself on a path of “Greenery” – Greenery of the body, mind and soul
The living soul is green, the unworldly soul is black.
Seek out green foods, green thoughts, green feelings, green people, green spaces
Green foods, thoughts, people and spaces. Going into the depths of the self, one is able to experience the double black of the soul – the Asar Self or Un Nefer Transcendental self.
Avoid extremes both good and bad. Keep the balance MAAT in everything you
The balance of Maat keeps the personality balanced
Human beings do not need meet in order to survive
Extracting oneself from other’s peoples delusion while working on our own through shedy practice.
Fasting: Physical fasting, Mind fasting and Soul Fasting
Mind and body fasting prepares the soul for the soul-fast
During meditation one is doing a soul-fast
Go to the less contaminated situation. Do not look for perfection in time and space. Let the gods and goddesses handle it from there. What is real? Try to think about something that does not exist vs. relative reality. The transcendental aspect of the soul is black, even beyond black-Un Nefer
Ptah (Body) ~ Ra (Mind) ~ Amun (Soul)
The goal of the initiate diet is to facilitate the attainment of higher states of consciousness
Mind Fast (internal) – curtail your mind form thinking negative thoughts and can expand to fasting from all thoughts (i.e. state of awareness without cognition)
Best food for the Soul is the effacement of the ego and pure awareness without cognition
3 kinds of fasts, physical, mental and soul level
Explanation of Kemetic Diet for all 3 bodies Physical, Astral & Causal
Sufficient purity