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Kemet 101: Lesson 3


One of the major changes that occurred during the deterioration of the

civilization of the Old Kingdom of Kemet was the extent of power and hierarchy

between the areas of Military, Priesthood, and Entertainment (Musicians). I found

it interesting that Musicians were just below the priesthood in influence and

power over society as a whole. This privilege and power given to entertainment was

a critical error in my opinion and was further manipulated irresponsibly, the more

Kemet was transformed and altered as the New Kingdom emerged. The wooden Crook

and Flail were rotting from the inside. Since the purpose of culture is for the

human being to express existence, then one can intelligently deduct that the

culture of humanity on Earth progressively is self-destructive and victimizing,

and we celebrate the undervaluing of our existence on this Earth.

The cultural categories of expression and formation of our reality are:

Actual, physical
Image, in your mind
Name in your thought, verbal expression

This is an illusionary, relative reality. The Absolute, transcendence reality is

beyond imagination. Anything that is relative changes over time.

Most important theme:

We cannot experience anything in the world of space and time without naming a

thing, therefore we exist in a relative reality. For instance, gender is

associated with the body but, not the soul. It is my observation that the human

being is to live their natural existence in order for the soul to learn from its

specific lessons associated with the current lifetime. The soul is genderless. We

know Nubia was the seed, and Kemet was the flower of civilization for humanity.

European conquest, enforcement, and transformation of culture in the African

Ancient Kemetian culture and doctrines resulted in a society concentrated on

egoism, capitalism, and delusion. These societal values are not healthy for human

beings or for the Earth, we reside in.