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Bastu Baket

Clergy Book Report Assignment
For Post # 21633 Pgs. 72-77
By Bastu Baket


The main themes of these pages were “What Allowed the Attacks on Neterian Culture to Succeed?” and the beginning of Chapter 2: The Fundamental Principles of Ancient Egyptian Religion for the Hemu Neter (Clergy of Shetaut Neter).

Sebai Maa shared that the question is what brought about the attacks? While the society was still practicing Maatian philosophy it was however in a “degraded way by following the myth but losing mysticism.” Also due to the conflicts/wars there was a mixing of societies which infused other cultures norms and practices. This also led to the co-optation of the Neterian symbolism and traditions allowing for tainting the original intent and meaning as they were then changed and renamed for their own. An example was given of the Birth of Heru co-opted to Christian birth of Jesus.

So, when the adversities of moving away from Maat, conflicts/wars, diluted belief systems occurred this was how Neterian culture was allowed to be attacked. The high philosophical standard and practice of Maat philosophy had become fractured.

Sebai Maa also spoke about adversities and how they are opportunities to utilize our qent (spiritual valor) and necht (spiritual strength) to overcome, grow and move beyond the issues. I appreciate the quote from Ancient Egyptian Proverbs – “Adversity is the seed of well doing; it is the nurse of heroism and boldness…” I’m sure all of us here have experienced some adversity in our current lifetime that were tough to get through at the time, but when reflected upon now we can see them as blessings as they made us stronger and/or guided us to a different path and actually improved our way of thinking, feeling, or acting.

This now leads us to the fundamentals of Neterianism with the 4 Great Truths. When we begin to utilize the tenets of the Ancient Egyptian religion, we now have armor against the adversities of life. I look upon the Maa Ur n Shetaut Neter – Great Truths of Shetaut Neter Religion as a cycle. Firstly, understanding the Pa Neter – The Absolute Divine is All and is in all. But then our egoism (Saiu Set – fetters of Set) presents itself and we come to believe we are separate from the Divine. We are then shown how to overcome those fetters with our Uashu devotion to the Supreme being which leads us back to Ari Shedy acting with wisdom, righteousness and bringing us to the true purpose of life.

Dua Sebai Maa, Seba Dja, and Clergy Students.