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Heru m akhet

EML1: Lesson 15 / Aspirant Fedin
Intro to SN video 3 and 4



– The Transcendental Supreme Being cannot be known with the physical senses, you must develop a higher mode of sensibility in order to discern the Supreme being

– In order to truly understand something, you have to become one with it

– The error of people trying to go from Uashu Bes to Uashu Neberdjer directly

– Without purity of heart nothing is possible

– Devotion helps to purify the heart

In the beginning it was very hard for me to grasp this concept of Devotion, but when doing the morning ushet and particularly the Adorations to Ra-Herakhuti from the hymn to Aten by Akhenaten, while singing it with the image and the understanding of the Heru m Akhet, of Shu and of the Aten it is like the combination of the understanding and the feeling of it creates a brief instant of awareness of what the teaching of this hymn is trying to bring forth and that brief instant bypass the conscious awareness and distraction of the ego personality for a moment and brings joy. Really hard to put words on this feeling of experiencing or being what is sung in the Hymn for a brief moment. It must be wonderful to have the capacity to experience that without the support of the hymn and to constantly dwell in that Ankh Herakhuti Ha m Akhet awareness.

Even if at one point we have to leave all this support behind but right now this Hymn is my favorite.

Djasu 1 for Sebai MAA: Can you please elaborate on the Heru m Akhet and Herakhuti? Especially the first line of the Hymn saying Dua Ankh Herakhuti Ha m Akhet. The encompassing of both akhet abdet and akhet manu while being in akhet is the Transcendence of the Ultimate form of Duality leaving just pure Existence? That Ultimate Akhet is it like Ra on the day of his birth? Being one foot in the undifferentiated state and the other foot in the individuation state?

Djasu 2 for Seba Dja: Can you please elaborate on how the content of the Ab is purified with the strong feelings generated by Devotion. Can strong feelings be considered like the active principle that triggers the reconfiguration of the Aryu? What is the strongest active principle that can be directly infused in the Ab in order to purify it in terms of impressions and energy?