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Bastu Baket


– Purification of feelings
– Reserve time in one’s day for doing nothing…over time allow the silence to deepen and become stronger and stronger…the silence will overwhelm the worry and anxiety about the world
– Having an egotistical view of the self and the world limits ones consciousness and causes suffering. it makes the ego face challenges to the point of discovering the soul and begin the spiritual journey and dispassion
– Those who permanently tap into Divine Conscious Awareness are called Sages
– The spiritual teachings have been misunderstood by dullness of the mind. The teachings are not able to penetrate which leads to lucidity.
– Love vs. Attachment
– Love comes from within, from our Glorious Being….there is one source of love from the Divine within us
– Purify feelings that lead to emotions by resolving unconscious impressions that impel and compel the personality.
– A person’s aryu determines their path in life. some are able to influence the masses while others much smaller, sometimes only themselves. and that is okay considering the realm of time and space is illusionary and fleeting; ultimately not of importance.
– From a physical and mental perspective, there will always be impurity, nor matter what one does to rid themself of it. Keep in mind the internal nature of the Divine. Have less dependence on T&S issues. Divine awareness is always there. Take it in as a person awakening from a dream.
– Uashu always leads to fulfillment
– “The Living Fire Connection”
– The concept of love has been diluted in society. one must analyze what love is to them, its meaning and see if it correlates to universal oneness.
– Do not go to the extreme in regard to purification of the body. Be balanced and reasonable about it.
– Stimulation of ariu as emotions or actions
– An enlightened person sees that his/her consciousness is the Divine and acts according to that consciousness.
– Being Cultured is only a way of suppressing the emotions, it is not a true understanding of the spiritual path of not allowing the emotions to effect one’s actions.
– Conscious level of peace vs Unconscious level of peace which is supreme HTP



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