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This post was in correlation to the lesson on Kemetic Diet. It covered some main points such as what true health is and how it is in connection to having Nehast. And How having a system that doesn’t allow the life force energy leads to stagnation and illnesses. In Kemetic culture, health is mental, physical, and spiritual. We have astral bodies and mental quantum spheres in us; having these channels in purity, consciousness will flourish. Having the life force flowing helps with spiritual attainment. The post highlighted the difference between Westernized medicine and the ways of the ancients with healing modalities and self-inflected suffering as opposed to living as what is taught to a patient.
The feedback stated how duality is formed when there isn’t proper health in the physical, mental, or spiritual bodies or when there isn’t a proper flow of the life force energy. I thought that was significant because it gave another view of the hetep slab and the hekau ‘hotep di se nter ir mettu wadj’