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Level 1 Lesson 29 Audio Assignment

Important theme:When the vascular system becomes clogged, illness begins to form.

Important theme:True health occurs in the state of nehast.

The wickedness of the soul is ignorance of one’s higher self and purpose of life and the virtue of the soul’s knowledge of one’s higher self and purpose of life. -Kemetic proverb

Important theme: mental soul body- ka pure soul body- ba physical body- kat

Important theme:1st doctors and female doctors on records were from Kemet.
Important theme: ukadu-disease process that obstructs the vascular system

Important theme: When animals are tortured they release stress hormones that people are digesting. And if the animals are full of antibiotics or diseases that also affect the people’s integral health.

This audio was based on the ancient practices of Kemetic culture. It also goes hand in hand with having the priests and priestesses help govern the people of their town’s way of life. Since health is a way of living righteous, it can be the opposite when there are blockages of the vital organs which then turn into sicknesses. Having integrative Sema is also having a healthy mind, body, and spirit. This practice correlates with some martial arts teachings of being fully present and being a clear channel. I like seeing how these teachings overlap.