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Bastu Akhu


Lesson 14 began with the implications of Ra as the source of creation in the context of the creation myth where he apparently cobbled/created the objects of creation using the will force khut” to tjez (tie) them together. In the Myth of Aset and Ra, we are given insights into Ra as creator of himself and creation who also created among other objects, the life force that enlivens creation. Thus the fire of Ra/Life force energy permeates ALL creation and this is the “spittle”, the emanation of Sprit essence from Ra Tem that lady Aset/ intuitional wisdom collects which allowed her to bolster her vital body, into the Taffy Shepsy. The Taffy Shepsy, the Sacred Serpent is the conscious awareness that makes use of the life force energy, in other words, the infusion of spirit essence creates the form that the fire/life force energy is given to pierce through the delusions and subtle impurities of the mind. This process promotes the “fuel” for concentration in the meditative practice and ultimately the dissolution of creation by expansion of conscious awareness, going to and beyond the anrutef, in essence “…retracting life-force energy along with individual consciousness back to source”. I particullary resonated with this

Aset also used the fire in another context in the Asarian resurrection myth where she applied the fire of wisdom in the form of dispassion and relentless will onto the mind of the childlike personality of the prince burning away/cleansing the subtle impurities of the mind. I gathered here that the childlike personality/mind is one that has been sufficiently purified of gross impurities and thus purified enough to handle the fire of wisdom. Sebai notes that this process of “application of the “fire” of dispassion, wisdom and relentless will” is to control and direct the mind to search for the source of existence” and that the interruption of this process by the mother is likened to the interruption of the purification process by the impetuses of the ego, bubbling up that could also manifest in one’s meditation practice as fear due to identifying with egoism, the self as a separate individual. Thus being vigilant through khak ab, antet bagag and an chen is paramount in the process of spiritual evolution until attainment of Nehast.

Its important to note that the serpent has two spiral directions, upward and downward. Sebai add that the spiral movement is better for distribution of the life force energy to ensure stability and balance of conscious awareness as to prevent the destabilization of mental and emotional awareness. The downward spiral of the serpent power signifies a creation movement, into worldly desires such as sex and procreation, this can dissipate the life force energy and also create multiple ariyu conditions and more desires to entangle oneself.

On the other hand, the upward movement is one of disillusionment of being a human egoistic mortal being in time and space to discovery of oneself as Divine Spirit being. Aset herself, intuitional wisdom and poise of mind represents the direction of the serpent power to dissolve creation by utilizing the upward movement. However, Sebai cautions that the cultivation of the serpent power should be a healthy integrative process done in degrees over time. I appreciated Sebai noting the process as “You are consolidating that energy and …directing your awareness in a particular way-so that you discern what is beyond the motion of mind, feelings, hormones. What is underneath all of those motions?, there is non motion, there is the absolute that does not move. So all that energy is drummed up so you can be still, so you can be one-pointed in your awareness, one-pointed in your thought process, the one pointedness which leads you to discover absolute oneness , this is the secret being Ra – the Neter Neterty ”

In summary, attention and an nemu nemu is key to the practice of cultivating the serpent power , one should in meditative practice become the static observer(Amun Witnessing Consciousness) of mental activities and not get lost in thoughts just witness them and not allow your awareness to run with your thoughts. Over time, by practicing anchoring one’s awareness the upward movement will unfold.

Any specific teaching you found remarkable or impactful in the teaching for you at this stage what do you think this teaching(s) impact was, is or will be on your spiritual journey?

There were so may teachings that I found to be remarkable, notably the teachings that deepened my understanding of the Serpent Power. Throughout the reflection of the lesson the image of “riding the serpent ” was coming into my mental body as I saa’d the meaning of conscious awareness using the serpent power to pierce the delusions of my creation/illusions. This is impactful for my spiritual journey, as the teachings have laid out for me the steps to cultivate a state of vigilance to attain spiritual victory.

Dua Sebai Maa, Seba Dja and All