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Lesson 1
Level 1: Reading – Pg 1-20

I purchased the activity book from Amazon and enjoy having a physical copy in hand to write and take notes. Here is a summary of my readings/reflections:

– Right before joining the school I started down this path of reading and exploring world history from the beginning that we all know. Interestingly enough It was this study along with the book The Kemetic Diet that sparked my interest in signing up for this school and choosing Shetaut Netar as my chosen spiritual path.

– It was great to read about the origins of Egypts and being one of the 1st civilizations to make history in the way that it did no one can doubt that Ancient Egypt has to have a lot of the answers. It was interesting to read that many religions we know today are based on Egypt.

– Innates – pg 16 and 17: The part that stood out to me most in this reading was the example of how the greatest leaders in different spiritual practices had a spiritual teacher. This is wise and makes sense because we all need guidance on our path and to be at the feet of the people that can instill wisdom into us based on their life experiences and studies.

– I love how the system truly takes an aspirant on a journe from aspiration, striving to established. I look forward to seeing where this path leads me.