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Audio Training:
File: GS12- An Evening wSebai Maa and Seba Dja Why in Shetaut Neter important-show_3576833.mp3

Most humans reach a point in life where they seek a spiritual path. This audio training was a great explanation and introduction to the Shetaut Neter way of practicing one’s spirituality and why one would choose the path.

This audio was a universal confirmation for me .. it was a reminder to let me know that I am on the right path (Shetaut Neter).

I’ve always been drawn to Ancient Egypt and stumbled across the book Kemetic Diet in a search to learn more about the Kemetic ways. The book drew me in because of my desire to work in the holistic wellness space. I have always had an innate understanding of the Mind, Body, and Soul connection and knew without a shadow of a doubt you could not focus on one without the other.

When life nudged me to take my spirituality journey up a notch, the teacher I needed appeared.